- Falling(Duke Dumont Remix)

- Don`t Save Me(Cyril Hahn Remix)

- Pray To God(With Calvin Harris)(Reez Remix)


- Power(Muffin Remix)

- Salute(ARVFZ Remix)

- Secret Love Song(Ft. Jason Derulo)(Muffin Remix)


- Gangsta(Arkane Skye Remix)

- Undercover(Devault Remix)

- Get Away(With G-Eazy)(Remix)


- Be Alright(BNDLSS Remix)

- Side to side(Slushii Remix)

- Focus(Muffin Remix)

- One Last Time(Convex Remix)


- Don`t kill my vibe(Gryffin Remix)

- Plot twist(Disciples Remix)

- Strangers(R3hab Remix)


- Tip Toe(Ft.French Montana)(Max Wallin` Remix)

- Don`t Wanna Og Home(Engin Yildiz Remix)

- Wiggle(Ft. Snoop Dogg)(Onderkoffer Remix)




Remixes Of Songs I already love... (Part One)


- IDGAF(Welshy Remix)

- New Rules(Alison Wonderland Remix)

- Be The One(Dillistone Remix)

- Last Dance(Custic Remix)


- Compass(Vanic Remix)

- East Of Eden(Carousel Remix)

- Shadow Preachers(RKIC Remix)

- Sweet Ophelia(Marian Hill Remix)




SUPERNATURAL Fan Fic(Dean Winchester)(Part 45 Of Part 10)

"How old were you when you and Sofia met for the first time?"Sam asked him. "Dad had known her long before he let me meet her,but she were 15 and I were 16,I think."Dean answered and smiled when he thought about it.

"Okay.. I wish I knew about her back then."Sam said to Dean and looked out the window. "You did see her once... On a photograph. Dad had a photograph of her."Dean told him and looked over at him,before he looked back at the road.

"He did?"Sam asked. "Yes,I think I saw it back at the bunker.. I`ll find it later."Dean answered. "Great. Maybe I`ll remember.."Sam told him and looked in the Mirror. 


"What are you thinking about?"Castiel asked Sofia. "What did you say?"Sofia asked him. "Are you okay?"He asked her when she looked at him again.

"Sure. I`m good.."She answered and smiled. "Somehow I don`t believe you..."Castiel told her and looked in the mirror,before he looked at the road again.

"Then tell me what I`m thinking about,Cas?"She asked him. "I will."Castiel answered. "You`re thinking about what Dean said to you back there..."Castiel said to her. "No,I`m not."Sofia told him and looked out the window again. 










Didn`t find any pics,but please check them out.. They rock.<3 <3


This couple is awesome too. <3 <3


She`s a youtuber from New Zealand and I`ve been following her a while. Love her videos. :D






SUPERNATURAL Fan Fic(Dean Winchester)(Part 44 Of Part 10)

"Okay,Fine."Sofia told him as she looked over at Sam and Castiel. "Good. Wait here. I`m just going to talk with Cas first."Dean said and walked over to him and Sam. "Change in plans?"Sam asked and saw that Sofia looked at him.

"No,Same plan. We`re gonna follow them to the house."Dean answered and nodded to Castiel. "Good."Sam told him. "I agree,but how did you get Sofia to agree?"Castiel asked him while he saw her get back in the car.

"I didn`t tell her,because she doesn`t have to know.. We would still stand over there fighting."Dean answered and met Castiel`s gaze.

"I agree With the plan,Dean,but if she suspects anything.. She will start to think that I went behind her back. We`ve just started to talk again... After I killed Seb,she didn`t trust me,remember?"Castiel told him before he walked back to the car and got inside.

"Cas is right.. You know that,right?"Sam said as he opened the door as they looked at eachother. "The baby is mine too.. Even if I were a demon at the time. It`s not her fault that she got pregnant. It were my fault,Sam."Dean told Sam and closed his eyes. 

"I understand,Dean. You want to be there for her,because you need her to forgive you,before you can forgive yourself.."Sam said and looked back at him.

"What`s up with you,Sam? Have you taken over dad`s job?"Dean asked him and started to smile again. "What are you talking about?"Sam asked him. "You really do care about her,don`t you?"Dean asked Sam.

"Of course I do.. We are friends. She`s a great person,Dean."Sam answered and looked over at the car Sofia were sitting in. "I know.. Just took me a while longer to find out,but now I do."Dean said and got into the car when Sam did. "

I`ve been waiting for you to say that.. Took ages for you to find out."Sam told him and started laughing. When Castiel started to drive,Dean followed behind him... 




SUPERNATURAL Fan Fic(Dean Winchester)(Part 43 Of Part 10)

"Okay. I just have to find her first."Dean told him as he started feeling sad again. "Call Castiel then."Sam said and looked at him. "Yeah."Dean told him and found his phone. As he dialed Cas`s number he looked at the road infront of him.

"Dean,Why are you calling me?"He asked when he answered the phone. "Cas,Tell me where the house is. I need to be there for Sofia..You know I do. Sofia is scared,and that`s why she doesn`t want me there."Dean begged Castiel.

"I`ll send you a text,Dean."Castiel told him and hung up. "What`s going on?"Sam asked Dean. "He`ll text me."Dean answered as he got Castiel`s text.

"We`re not at the house yet. Sofia is okay,Dean. Don`t worry. We`ll stop at a gas station soon. Castiel.".

"Cas said that they will stop at a gas station..."Dean told Sam and smiled. "So,We`ll catch up With them at the gas station?"Sam asked him. "Yes,Sam."Dean said as he kept his eyes on the road.

"Sofia told us that she doesn`t want us to be there.. You might still love her,but does Sofia still love you?"Sam said to Dean and looked outside.

"I don`t know,Sam. I just know that I still love her,and I need to know if she still feels the same way."Dean told him and gave him a serious look.

"I know you,Dean. As much as you want to change for Sofia,are you sure you can stop cheating on her?"Sam said and looked at him.

"Ofcourse I will. I love her,Sam. When she helped you get me back,she put herself in danger for me... I were a demon,and I could have killed her."Dean told Sam when he saw the gas station and the car.

He parked behind the car and got out.. Sofia looked in the mirror and saw him and Sam. "What are you doing here,Dean? Didn`t I tell you that I have to do this alone?"She asked him.

"I love you,Sofia. You don`t have to push me away.. It`s my baby too. You don`t have to do everything alone."Dean answered when she turned her back on him.

"Yes,I can. Will you still say that if the baby is a demon,and I might die giving birth to it."Sofia told him. "Sofia.."Dean said to her with tears in his eyes. "You`re all better off without me. This way I can`t be a burden anymore."Sofia told them.

"Sofia,You know that`s not true. You`re just saying this to make us give up on you,and we won`t.. You don`t deserve to be alone."Dean said to her as she got her bag from the car.

"Yes,It`s the truth. I don`t want anyone to miss me,because it`s easier to stay dead."Sofia told him and started to walk away. "Do you know what guys? Sofia wanted the demon that were inside of me to kill her,isn`t that true?"Dean asked her as he followed her.

"Really,Dean? You`re turning this into a fight?"Sofia asked him when she turned and faced him again. "You know me,Sofia. If the demon I had inside of me killed you. I wouldn`t be standing here infront of you right now. I would give up,and I wouldn`t be able to keep fighting.. Not without you."Dean answered and kissed her.

"I can`t die infront of you. That`s why I can`t let you be in the room,Dean."Sofia told him as he started kissing her again.

"I know,and I understand.. I need you to be able to forgive myself,and I can`t do that without you. I want you to love me again,and I need you to let me love you again."Dean said to her as they looked at eachother. 




SUPERNATURAL Fan Fic(Dean Winchester)(Part 42 Of Part 10)

"Then tell them to turn the car around."Castiel told her and kept driving. "Well,That won`t happen... Noone can tell Dean what to do,remember?"Sofia said and put the phone to her ear again. "Sofia,Are you still there?"Sam asked her.

"Yes,I`m still here."Sofia answered and smiled to herself. "We`re going to check out a case."Sam told her and looked at Dean. "A case? Where?"Sofia asked him. "That`s not important. It`s a case,Sofia."Sam answered and looked at Dean.

"You`re not.. If you`re going to check out a case,you know where you`re going,and you would be able to tell me where you`re going."Sofia told Sam and looked at Castiel. "Fine. You`re right,but don`t blame me.. This weren`t my idea."Sam said to her and looked at Dean.

"Sam!!"Dean said and poked him in the shoulder. "Dean,Stop it!!"Sam told him and poked him back. "What are you guys doing?"Sofia asked Sam and looked outside.

"Dean started it... He`s the one that wanted to follow you. Yes,He still love you. I think you`ve changed him."Sam answered and smiled to himself. "How? Don`t he like to have sex With other women anymore?"Sofia asked Sam as she found her mom`s necklace in her bag.

"Don`t be stupid,Sofia. I actually understand him."Sam answered and got abit thoughtful. "You`re jealous,aren`t you?"Sofia asked him as Castiel stopped the car. "You want the truth?"Sam asked her.

"Yes,I do."Sofia answered and met Castiel`s gaze. "Yes,I am,but don`t worry about it.. I won`t get in thee way.. Unless you want me to."Sam whispered to her. "Okay. I`m sorry,Sam."Sofia told him as Castiel got out of the car.

"You don`t have to be sorry,Sofia. I should have told Dean to stop cheating on you.. It`s just not right."Sam said to her as Dean looked over at him.

"I have to get some more sleep before we get to the house,but I`ll Call you back later."Sofia told him and smiled. "Okay. Later."Sam said before she hung up. "Is Sofia okay?"Dean asked him.

"Yes,She is."Sam answered. "Good. I heard that she asked you about the other women. I don`t want to cheat on Sofia anymore. I promise."Dean told him as Sam looked back at him. "Don`t tell me. Tell Sofia,Dean."Sam said and looked at his phone. 




SUPERNATURAL Fan Fic(Dean Winchester)(Part 41 Of Part 10)


"Sam,Are you okay?"Dean asked Sam when he looked at him. "Yes,I`m okay.I just can`t stop thinking about Sofia.She`s scared,Dean,and that`s why she`s doing this..She asked Cas to find a house...Somewhere she can stay for the last days of her pregnancy,and she`s just saying that she doesn`t want us there. Because she thinks that giving birth to this baby means that she has to die... She doesn`t want us to see her die,Dean."Sam answered and looked at Dean.

"What are you talking about,Sam?"Dean asked him. "Sofia doesn`t think that this baby is human.. She`s been thinking about it since the night she found out that she were pregnant..OMG!!!"Sam answered and met Dean`s gaze.

"I`ll call Cas.."Dean said and picked up his phone and dialed Castiel`s number. "Dean,Don`t call him yet.. He`s driving the car."Sam told him and got up from the Chair. Dean found his jacket and walked over to the staircase...

"You`re telling me that Sofia might die giving birth... to the baby she got with the demon. The demon that used my body... I can`t let that happen,Sam. Not to Sofia."Dean said and ran up the staircase.

"Wait,Dean!!!"Sam yelled after him as he ran after him. "Sam,I have to be there for her.. I don`t care that she tells me to stay away. I have to be there with her,because I`m the reason she got pregnant in the first place. The demon were inside of me,and I couldn`t stop him."Dean told him and got into his car.

"I`m coming with you,Dean."Sam said and got in on the passenger side. Dean started drivinng.. "Call her,Sam. Please.."Dean begged him.

"I will."Sam said and found his phone and dialed Sofia`s number Sofia woke up and looked at Cas before she found her phone,and put it to her ear. "Hello"She said.

"Sofia,It`s Sam."He told her and looked out the window. "Hey. What`s up,Sam?"She asked and looked at Castiel.

"How far have you gotten?"She asked her. "I`m not sure. Cas is driving,because I got tired. Just woke up now.."Sofia answered and smiled at Castiel when they looked at eachother.

"Can you ask him?"Sam asked her. "Sure."Sofia answered. "Something wrong?"Castiel asked her. "Not really.. Sam asked me if we`re there yet."Sofia answered as she looked at Castiel.

"We`re almost there.. Why is he asking?"Castiel said and looked at the road. "I think they are following us. I told them not to do that."Sofia told Castiel and looked in the rearview Mirror. 





SUPERNATURAL Fan Fic(Dean Winchester)(Part 40 Of Part 10)

"Are you sure you want to leave them right now?"Castiel asked her when he saw her looking back at the door. "No,Of course not,but I have to do it anyway."Sofia answered as she looked at him.

"You have feelings for both of them,don`t you?"He asked her when she opened the door on the driver side. "Am I really this bad at hiding it?"She asked Castiel.

"Yes."Castiel answered as she started to smile. "Okay,then yes.. But I don`t want to break them apart. They`re brothers."Sofia said and got into the car and closed the door. Castiel got in on the passenger side...

"You won`t,Sofia.You think you`re still a bad person.That you`ll end up hurting them,but you won`t.."Castiel told her as he touched her hand. "How can you know that?"Sofia asked Castiel.

"I know everything about you,Sofia.I know that you don`t like to talk about your little sister,Samantha,because you had to kill her.She doesn`t hate you.."Castiel answered. Sofia started the car,and drove up the road...

"Samantha... She became a demon,and I didn`t know... Until the day I found her at a motel. First I thought she was human,but then she attacked me.I had to protect myself,it were her or me."Sofia told him and kept looking at the road infront of her.

"Have you talked about this with Dean or Sam?"Castiel asked her and made her look at him. "No,but Dean tried to ask me..I told him that I didn`t want to talk about it. I don`t think Sam knows too much about it."Sofia answered.

"Okay,and you want it to stay that way?"He asked her. "Yes,I do."Sofia answered and kept driving. "Do you want me to drive?Don`t you want to get some sleep?"Castiel asked her.

"Yeah,soon.Gotta find a gas station first.."She answered and looked if there were some gas left on the tank. "Okay."Castiel answered and looked out the window again.

"There`s a gas station.."Sofia said and pointed at it. "Yeah. Great."He told her as she stopped the car.

"I`ll fill up the tank,and get some food and water."She said and nodded at Castiel. "I`ll wait here.."Castiel told her and got out of the car and walked around the car to get to the driver side. 




SUPERNATURAL Fan Fic(Dean Winchester)(Part 39 Of Part 10)

"Sofia,I really wish you could stay..Last time you were almost away for a whole year."Dean said when he caught up with her. "I can`t stay here right now,Dean. I promise I won`t stay away for one year this time. Don`t be angry at me."Sofia told him.

"Good to hear. I`m not angry at you,Sofia. I think we need to stop blaming ourselves. I need to find Metatron again,and I need you to help me. Come back as fast as you can."Dean said and hugged her. Sofia walked over to the staircase when Sam touched her arm to stop her.

"Sofia,You don`t have to do this. You can stay.. I know you`re scared,but you don`t have to be.."Sam told her and leaned in and kissed her. "I know,Sam. I have to.. I`ll call you everyday,and you can text me."Sofia said and gave him a hug. She gave her bag to Castiel..

He walked up the staircase and opened the door. "I`m not saying goodbye forever guys.. Just for a little while."Sofia told them and looked over at Dean and smiled. She walked up the staircase and stopped by the open door,before she walked outside..

"She looks so tired,Dean. She`s not been getting enough sleep."Sam told Dean. "I know.. I`ll call Cas and tell him that he has to make sure that she gets enough sleep."Dean said as they looked at each other. "Okay."Sam told him before he sat Down infront of his Laptop.




SUPERNATURAL Fan Fic(Dean Winchester)(Part 38 Of Part 10)

"You will come and get me,right?"Sofia asked him before she opened the door. "If you want me to,I will."Castiel answered before he disappeared. Sofia opened the door and walked toward the Kitchen...

"I have to something to say.. Guys. I need to be somewhere else when the baby comes.. So,I talked with Cas and he found a house. I`m leaving tonight."Sofia said and got quiet.

"For how long?You don`t want me there when the baby comes?What is this really about,Sofia?"Dean asked her and got up from the chair he were sitting on.

"Maybe one week.. I don`t know yet.The reason I don`t want you there,isn`t the reason you`re thinking about.. I will be in the way,if I stay here.. I need you guys to keep fighting for me."Sofia answered and sat Down on one of the other chairs.

"Sofia,Dean isn`t the only one that can`t understand why you`re doing this now.. I don`t understand it either.. We love you,Sofia."Sam told her. "

I know,but I have to do it. I`m sorry. If you don`t want me to come back afterworths,then tell me.."Sofia said to them and walked out of the kitchen and back to her room. Dean followed after her...

"Sofia... I want you to come back. I don`t want you to leave again."Dean told her and walked over to her. "I won`t leave again.."Sofia said to him when she faced him. Suddenly Castiel appeared beside her..

"OMG!!! You scared me,Cas."She told him. "I`m really sorry,Sofia."He told her. "It`s okay,but a warning would be good."Sofia said and started laughing.

"What`s so funny?"Dean asked her and smiled. "Nothing,I`m sorry. I were just thinking about something,and then Cas appeared. "Okay. Want to tell me what you were thinking about?"Dean asked her.

"No,we`re not alone."Sofia answered. "OMG!! Sofia... Do you always think about this? Or is it just because you`re pregnant?"Dean asked her. "No,I`ve been thinking about this before I got pregnant."Sofia answered and met his gaze..

"Oooh.. Now I know what you`re thinking about."Dean told her and looked over at Castiel. "What are you talking about,Dean?"Castiel asked him.

"Sofia wants to have sex with me again... When she gets back here. After the baby is born."Dean answered and looked from Castiel to Sofia. "I didn`t say that,Dean."She said and looked back at him. "

But you wanted to say it,but Cas came.."Dean told her. "Castiel,can we leave now?"Sofia asked him and picked up her bag. "Yes,we can."Castiel answered and followed her out the door. 




SUPERNATURAL Fan Fic(Dean Winchester)(Part 37 Of Part 10)

"Yes,I`m sure.You have to start trusting me."Sofia told Dean as she opened the Box. "If I`m going to trust you..You have to tell me what`s going on,Sofia."Dean said as he stopped infront of her. Sofia looked away...

"There`s nothing going on,absolutely nothing.I`m scared,so I have to keep busy,because if I don`t I`ll just start thinking and I don`t need it right now."Sofia told him and put down the box on the bed."Sofia,I know you`re scared. But don`t leave without telling me,okay? I still need you,you know."Dean said and kissed her.

"Okay.. I promise."Sofia told him and kissed him too. "You really need to stop thinking about the past,Sofia..It brings nothing good..."Dean said and touch her cheek. "Dean... Do you even love me anymore? Do you still hate me for sleeping with the demon? Is that why you  only have sex with other women"Sofia asked him and turned her back against him.

"Ofcourse I do,Sofia. I don`t hate you.. I could never hate you. Do I blame myself? Yes,I blame myself for letting him use you like that. And the other women... I had just been in hell and purgatory...Before you came... I thought you were dead like all my other friends."Dean said and walked over to her. 

"Dean,I wanted to contact you before,but when I bumped into Sam at that hotel... It all happened to fast,and I really wanted to run away,but when he said that you were there and I didn`t want to be mean.. Sam were really convicing.."Sofia told him and turned around and looked at him. "I believe you,Sofia. Yeah,Sam can be like that.. I actually think he`s falling in love with you."Dean said and smiled.

"Good.I already know.. He told me."Sofia told him and smiled too. "Really? And do you feel the same way about him?"Dean asked her. "Well,I love Sam..Sam is a great guy..I don`t want to hurt him,or you.."Sofia answered and looked over at the door. "If you choose Sam... I won`t get in the way. I promise."Dean Said and sat down on the bed.

"You know that I need some time to think about that,right?"Sofia told him and walked over to the door and opened it. "Sofia,Where are you going? Are you running away?"Dean asked and followed her. "I`m just going to check something.. Come with me then.."Sofia said and opened the bathroom door. 

"Who are you talking to in there? Sofia?"Dean asked her through the door. "Dean,I`m coming soon. Find Sam and wait in the Kitchen,okay?"Sofia answered when she heard him walk away from the door. "Are you okay?"Castiel asked her when he got out of the mirror."Why are you asking me that? How did you get into the Mirror?"Sofia asked him and smiled. 

"You look tired... Had to get in this way,because I knew you would come in here.."Castiel answered and gave her a smile. "I am tired. Just need a break from hunting,I guess."Sofia said and turned to the mirror. "Want to come check out the house With me, tonight?"Castiel asked her and disappeared. 






- Sweet Ophelia

- East Of Eden

- Compass

- Jameson

- No Sleep To Dream


- Don`t Kill My Vibe

- Plot Twist

- Dynamite

- Fake Friends


- Paper Thin

- Breathe

- Atic

- Think Before I Talk

I know I were suppose to post these last two parts sooner,but I`m having alot on my mind right now.. Stuff I can`t Write about on here. Sorry..