TODAYS UPDATE(August 30th 2016)

I were so lazy today,but I got myself out of bed and went out with my parents. But all I bought today were food and this book(It`s a Pocket).. You can see a picture of it by scrolling down. It`s called `Buried`.. Sounds abit scary,doesn`t it? Back to about my tuesday. Well,I had a good day,because of my positivity. YAY!! Hope you all had a good day too,I really do..


Sorry about the blurry pic of the book. I bought it in Norwegian..

I don`t think I`ve ever read any books by Kendra Elliot,but I`m really excited about it.

Do you want me to blog about it when I`m done reading it? Now I`m Reading `Paper Towns`,

and I will make a blog post about it when I`m done.

Todays Dinner... :D

I have one question..

Do you want me to keep doing these blog posts in English,

or do you want me to Write in Norwegian as well?


Kehlani: Gangsta
Kehlani: The Way (feat. Chance the Rapper)
MIA: Borders
Cher Lloyd: Swagger Jagger
Cher Lloyd: Human
One Direction: Little Things
One Direction: Night Changes

More Blog Posts Tomorrow..








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Alltid koselig dra ut med foreldrene sine og ha litt kvalitetstid sammen! Lag gjerne en bokanmeldelse av boken nr du har lest den :D

Becca Alexandra: Ja,det er jeg enig i. Det skal jeg gjre.