TODAYS UPDATE(August 31th 2016)

Today I got up earlier,and I feel that now.. I get tired earlier in the night. I think that`s a good think,because I should get up earlier. Sometimes I don`t get tired early,but it doesn`t happen everyday. Well,went to HM today and bought two things. A Playsuit,I think.. What`s the difference between Playsuit and Jumpsuit?

The weather has been pretty grey today as well,but could see some blue spots on the sky when it stopped raining for a while.. Good Wednesday anyways.. So,that were good as well. How were your day?


I bought the playsuit or jumpsuit at HM,and the hair rings too..

The nailpolish remover I bought at REMA 1000. It`s called Cutex,I think.

Do you use Nailpolish remover,if you do,which one do you use?

Saw two rainbows today.. But they were gone when we got home..

Can you still see some of it?


gnash: i hate u, i love u (feat. olivia o'brien)
Hailee Steinfeld: You're Such A


Hailee Steinfeld: Rock Bottom




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