TODAYS UPDATE(September 5th 2016)

Woke up to a sunny monday today,and it didn`t rain abit.. I might talk to soon,because it`s a new day tomorrow. I hope it will be sunny too,but the weather always changes. Enough talk about that... :) Didn`t really do any shopping today,but both some food Things,magazine and coffee. Wanted to check for some makeup at Boots today,but I`ll do that tomorrow or some other day. Have any of you both anything makeup at Boots? Any favorites you can tell me about? Foundations and stuff like that.. That would be awesome. So,this monday were good,actually great. Yeah,it were great and warm. Not too warm,but.. I like the rain,but not when it rains too much and too hard. My night has been good as well. All night...  


OMG!!! I want that jacket. It can be found at #GinaTricot

Is this foundation any good?

10 Songs:

Bea Miller: yes girl
Shawn Mendes: Treat You Better
Justin Bieber: I'll Show You









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