SUPERNATURAL Fan Fic(Dean Winchester)(Part 29 Of Part 10)

"Are you sure?"Sam asked Sofia. "Yes,Sam. I just have alot to think about now."Sofia answered and smiled back at him. "I can understand that. I`m here if you want to talk.."Sam said when they sat down by the table. "I know.. Thanks."Sofia told him and opened her laptop. She checked through her emails... When she got quiet Sam looked over at her.. "Something wrong?"Sam asked her as Sofia kept looking at the screen. "Nothing.. I just got this new email with a link to a article,but I don`t know who sent it to me. It`s anonymous."Sofia answered and looked at him. "What`s it about?"Sam asked her as Sofia turned around her laptop to show it to him.

"About a mother that killed her daughter..."Sofia said and turned around her laptop again. "I`ll try and find out more,but you should get Dean.. He`s in the Kitchen."Sam told her and turned around her laptop and looked at the screen once more. Sofia walked down the corridor to the Kitchen.. "Sofia.."Dean said when he saw her in the doorway. "Sam told me to get you. I found a case..."Sofia told him and smiled at him. "What kind of case?"Dean asked her and got up from the chair. "It`s about a mother that killed her daughter.. Sam got more,I think.."Sofia answered and walked over to the sink.

"Okay."Dean said and passed her on his way out the door. "Dean,I`ll stay here.. I`m going to get some rest. Be careful,both of you."Sofia told him while they looked at eachother. "That`s a good idea. See you when we get back."Dean said and smiled. Sofia found a cup and filled it with water.. "Sofia told me about the case.. Let`s go."Dean told Sam when he stopped beside him. "Just a sec. Okay.. Let`s go."Sam said and closed his laptop.




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