SUPERNATURAL Fan Fic(Dean Winchester)(Part 30 Of Part 10)

"Have Sofia talked with you about me?"Dean asker Sam when they were walking toward the car. "Why are you asking?"Sam asked him as he opened the passenger door.

"Just wondering.. She`s been acting abit weird."Dean answered and got into the car. "Weird,how?"Sam said as he got into the car.

"Like she`s hiding something.. Like she`s avoiding me."Dean told him and started the car when he got into the car as well. "She`s been through alot,Dean. I understand her."Sam said and looked over at Dean.

"I already know all that."Dean told him and kept his eyes on the road infront of him.

"When you got killed by Metatron,Sofia went to Crowley.. I think she wanted to become a demon again,but she didn`t."Sam said to Dean as they looked at eachother again.

"She almost went back to her old life,because of me?"Dean asked and looked on the road. "Yes.."Sam answered.

"That`s crazy."Dean told him and started laughing. "I agree. I thought she were okay,but she weren`t herself."Sam said and found his Ipad. "You went crazy too,but you became a demon.. She didn`t.."Sam reminded him.

"Yes,that`s true."Dean said and got tears in his eyes. "Sofia doesn`t hate you. She knows that you weren`t yourself."Sam told him and touched his shoulder.

"Are you sure about that?"Dean asked Sam and tried to smile. "Ofcourse.."Sam answered. "Okay. I`ll talk With her when we get back."Dean said and nodded.




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Har faktisk aldri sett Supernatural fr, men burde kanskje se det? :D

Tattavkvinnene: Jepp.det er en kjempe bra serie. Men den br ses fra starten av. :)