SUPERNATURAL Fan Fic(Dean Winchester)(Part 31 Of Part 10)

"That`s good,you should.."Sam told him. "I will."Dean said and looked back at him while he stopped the car, "Why are you stopping?"Sam asked him.

"I need to ask you something.."Dean told him and looked at him as he waited for Sam to answer. "Okay.. About what?"Sam said and smiled. "Do you have feelings for Sofia?"Dean asked him.

"Yes,but don`t worry.. Sofia loves you,Dean."Sam answered. and looked outside. "Okay.. She told you that?"Dean asked him.

"Yes,You don`t have to worry,because nothing will happen between us."Sam told him and smiled again. "Maybe,but I have seen the way you look at eachother.. You must be wrong."Dean said and looked at Sam,

"Okay.. I don`t feel like talking about this anymore ."Sam told him. "Sam,if something happens between you and Sofia in the future.. I`m glad it`s you and not a Complete stranger."Dean said and started the car again. "

Okay,good to know that."Sam told him and looked at the Ipad screen again.


"Are you still angry at me,Sofia?"Castiel asked her. "I already told you.. I`m over it."Sofia answered and looked at him. "Okay. That`s good to know."Castiel told her as they kept looking at eachother. "Yeah,good.."Sofia said to him and walked over to the bed.

"Where is Dean and Sam going?"Castiel asked her. "I found a new case for them... I got so many friends out there,and I don`t know who sent it. It were anonymous..."She answered. "I see,and Sam found out more about it?"Castiel asked her. "I think so.."She answered.




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Fortsett med dagens update? <3

Anonym: Skal det,men da trenger jeg bilder.. S ha litt tlmodighet.