SUPERNATURAL Fan Fic(Dean Winchester)(Part 32 Of Part 10)

"He always does.."Castiel told her. "It`s kinda important,isn`t it?"Sofia asked him and looked over at the bathroom door. "Are you okay,Sofia?"Castiel asked her when she got really quiet.

"Why are you asking me that?"Sofia asked and looked at him. "Just wondering.. You just got very quiet."Castiel answered as Sofia walked toward the bathroom door and stopped infront of it.

"Castiel... I`m doing good. I`m just pregnant,okay?"Sofia told him and smiled at him. Sofia found her phone in her pocket and saw that she had some new texts and felt that Castiel were looking at her.

"You`re not alone,Sofia.."Castiel said and stopped beside her. "I know,and I don`t feel alone anymore.. I actually feel better."Sofia told Castiel.

"I hope you know that I`m here for you too.."Castiel said as Sofia walked over the the bed and sat down. "I do."Sofia told him and looked back at the phone. "Good."Castiel said as he sat down beside her.

"Yes, I have to answer some of these texts.."Sofia told him and stopped scrolling when she found a old text from Dean. Suddenly her phone rang and she met Castiel`s gaze...

"Why is Crowley calling you?"Castiel asked her when he saw his name on the screen. "I don`t know.."Sofia answered and put the phone to her ear. "Why are you calling me?"Sofia asked him. "Can we meet?"Crowley asked her.

"Can I think about it?"She asked him and looked at Castiel as he sat on her bed. "Okay.. Call me back tomorrow."He told her before he hung up. "What does he want?"Castiel asked her when she sat back down on the bed beside him.

"I don`t know yet..He wants to meet."Sofia answered and put the phone on the nightstand. "If you don`t want Dean or Sam to follow you... You have to let me come with you. He can`t be trusted."Castiel said to her.

"Okay. I will tell you when I have talked with him again..."Sofia told him and nodded. "Okay. See you tomorrow then.."He said and disappeared. Sofia layed down on the bed and closed her eyes for a while... 




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