SUPERNATURAL Fan Fic(Dean Winchester)(Part 35 Of Part 10)

When Dean and Sam came back to the bunker,Dean were the first one that got out and walked into the bunker... "What`s going on? Why did you come back so fast?"Sofia asked when she saw him standing in the doorway.

"I have to talk with you... Alone."He told her and looked over at Castiel. "Right now?"She asked him when Sam suddenly appeared behind him.

"Yeah."Dean told her and gave her a smile. "Okay. We can talk in my room.."Sofia said and walked out to the corridor. Dean followed her..

"Did you get any rest?"Dean asked her when they stopped infront of her bedroom door. "Not really.. But it`s okay."Sofia answered and smiled.

"Have Crowley contacted you?"Dean asked her. "No,I haven`t heard from him."Sofia answered and turned around before she sat down on her bed. "Is something wrong?"Dean asked her.

"It`s nothing.."Sofia answered feeling abit bad for lying to him. "If you have to tell me something.. I won`t get angry."Dean told her when Sofia got up from the bed. "There is nothing to tell.."Sofia said and walked over to the closet. 




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